Suitable for Type 43 Transformers

Home UPS Cabinet

  1. U-88XX Cabinet Size (H)145*(W)335*(L)300mm
  2. With MCB arrangement
  3. With 15 Amp. Socket
  4. Model 8833 is also available with your Special Stickers.

Corrugated Box

We provide special facility to print your logo & brand name or Company Name(Single colour) on our four & laminated corrugated box ,so your product looks like a branded . Minimum order quality are 250nos. & Price Rs :- 4/-per box.


  1. (H) 270x (W) 180x (L) 335mm
  2. Metal from penal
  3. Suitable   for  transformer bobbin Type 43
  4. Also available with  LCD Fixing  as per Model U-101
  5. 3” Fan Grills and One MCB Arrangement
  6. Provision up to 8Nos. LEDs.
  7. PCB Compartment height107mm
  8. We Provide Standard printed  label with 5 LEDs Indication            
  9. On Request Three Socket Cutout  are available
  10. Available  with  Thermocol & White Corrugated Box.