Solar Panel Mounting Structure

We manufacture Solar PV Panel Mounting Structure suitable for fixing on Flat Terrace, Sloping Roof & Open Ground.

In our structure all M.S. Components with Hot Deep Galvanizing, All small M.S. components are cadmium plated, All Nut Bolts & END/MID Clip are made of S.S.304. 

We are introducing standard solar panel mounting structure for Flat Terrace & Slanted Roof. In one Structure you can fix any company’s 4 nos panels at 15 or 22 or 30 degree.  It can resist wind speed of 160 Km / Hr. We will provide STADD Report of structure after confirm Purchase Order.

There are some more design for Flat Terrace that depend on project size and site situation.

Ground Mounting Structure design are available as per project requirement.

We also do Rate Contract for entire year in that we can offer you more attractive rate as per you quantity throughout the year.

 Benefits of using our structure:

  • We Provide foundation layout so you can easily & faster do foundation work.
  • Base frame & upper Channel for fixing panels will get fixed by Nut Bolts and that is also with slots so you do not get any problem while doing assembly of structure.
  • We have designed specific upper channel & bracket in that panel will get fixed by END CLIP & MID CLIP So their will be no issue of  hole matching and also easy to fix panel from top side.
  • You can save lot of time and trouble free installation as we have given adjustable type components with good quality of workmanship.
  • In our standard designe structure maximum component length is 1.5 mtr so you can easily store it, transport it & easily lifting upto  terrace or roof.
  • As Structure is very compact transportation cost is also not very much.