Standard Flat Roof / Ground Mounting Structure

We have developed Standard Solar PV Panel Mounting Structure suitable for Small kW size projects.

In our Standard Structure all M.S. Components with Hot Deep Galvanizing, All small M.S. components are Cadmium Plated, All Nut Bolts & END/MID Clip are of S.S.304.

It is available with 3 tilt angles 15 , 22 & 30 so it is suitable for all places in country.

In this you can fix any company’s and any Watt Modules there is no limitation.

We provide 175 Km / Hr. Stadd Report for this Structure.

We have designed specific upper channel & bracket in that Module will get fixed by END CLIP & MID CLIP So there will be no issue of hole matching and also easy to fix Module from top side.

Total Assembly done by Bolts & Nuts which reduces Transportation & Material Handling cost very much.

We have given adjustable type components so On Site Installation will be trouble free and time saving.

Design 1

Design 2